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A Boy Named 68818


What would you do if you suddenly found the world you knew turned entirely upside down...?


A Boy Named 68818 is the true life story of Srulek Storch.  At the age of 14, Srulek's quiet town of Podhoryan is invaded by the German army. His family, friends and neighbors are gathered by the Nazis and ultimately deported to concentration camps. Their shattered lives are changed forever as they must now fight for their personal survival. 


A Boy Named 68818 is the personal and historical account of one of the darkest chapters in Jewish history. Srulek's story is a raw and personal journey that gives the reader a new understanding of the strength of the human spirit and the meaning of spiritual survival.


This unique publication is geared for "tweens" (ages 10 - 14) but can be appreciated by all ages. In addition, A Boy Named 68818 includes the unprecedented in-depth Learning Guide, ideal for educators and their students.

Note to Educators: Please click here to learn more about the "A Boy Named 68818" Learning Guide and how to utilize it in the classroom! 

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